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Research and Development


What is Robotriks?

Robotriks is a Robotics focussed R&D company based in Par, Cornwall. The company was set up in 2018 with the aim of applying state of the art technology, to various applications whilst not breaking the bank in the process.

Modern day technology is often seen as an incredibly useful, yet expensive tool. However, by applying a wide range of knowledge, speciality and experience, these boundaries can start to be pulled down. Things that may have seemed impossible, suddenly are far more approachable and attainable.


Do you have an idea or a problem to which you think Robotics may be able to solve?

With a wide range of experience, we can quickly tell you how feasible such an idea may be and how to proceed.


Need to develop a prototype for an idea or research? 

By utilising modern rapid prototyping methods, our team can quickly bring a project to life.


Rather than just a solution, we can provide a prototype that is both functional, and aesthetically pleasing depending upon user requirements. 

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