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A Compressed Parallel Pantograph Mechanism

CC BY-SA 4.0

The Universal Gummi Gripper, U.G.G, is a collaboration between Robotriks LTD. and FieldWork Robotics LTD. with the goal to produce a durable and multipurpose end-effector for the GummiArm CE. 

Powered by a set of geared brushless motors, the mechanism is force sensitive allowing for the gripper fingers to be replaced, whilst still retaining full 24-bit force feedback.

Additionally, a 120 F.O.V. 30fps Full HD camera (capable of 120fps at VGA resolution) has been integrated along with an RGB ring light surrounding it.

Lastly, how is it controlled?

Via a single USB connector. The U.G.G has been developed with direct compatibility with R.O.S. allowing for paired or independent finger movement, full RGB control, Independant finger force feedback and a live camera view. Simply subscribe & publish.

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